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Customized Video Solutions That Fulfill All Tutorial And Homework Requirements

We are an eLearning company creating video solutions for valued clients worldwide.

Key Issues

Today, new and improved learning methods are challenging traditional methods of learning. One of the popular ways of making learning enjoyable and interactive is video solutions. So, clients worldwide use unique video lessons and lectures to attract learners. But to successfully enhance the learning experience, the video solutions must be of a particular standard.

Most clients rely on specialized agencies that provide these services because having their team of video producers is resource-intensive and expensive. However, choosing a qualified agency is difficult as there are many choices in the market. Most agencies lack Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and fact-checkers who can validate the content in the videos. Some videos visually attractive, but they lack content-wise. Then some companies do not have the technical expertise needed to create high-quality videos and conduct live lectures. Hence, clients must carefully analyze an agency before partnering with it.

How Can Achieve Point Help?

Achieve Point is a reputed eLearning company in the US. So, we have experienced video creators, editors, content developers, SMEs, and research analysts. They work together to deliver optimal video solutions for various subjects, courses, grades. So, clients worldwide use our solutions to provide an interactive learning experience to their customers.

Moreover, we use the latest technology to create video solutions. So, we incorporate animations, graphics, illustrations, subtitles, and any other feature that the client requires. Also, we have linguists who are fluent across multiple international and regional languages. They help us provide captions and voice-overs whenever needed. We deliver the videos in any requested format so that learning platforms and applications can easily integrate them. Also, we provide facilities for recording and broadcasting live lectures online. Clients use our facilities to reach their learners in remote locations. Our team delivers services 24/7 and accepts as many reworks as needed.

Types Of Video Solutions

Owing to the vast experience of the team at Achieve Point, we develop a range of video solutions that meet all the client requirements. So, we serve a diverse clientele located worldwide.

Video Lessons

These are chapter-wise explanations provided by an instructor. The videos include elements like interactive whiteboards, graphs, charts, images, and more. We deliver them in more than one language and include captions as well. They stretch anywhere between thirty minutes to one hour.

Video Lectures

These are live or recorded lectures. We provide technical support for clients to conduct their sessions online. We also help them create their learning platforms, websites, and applications that they can use to connect with their learners. If needed, we include recording and note-taking facilities.

Revision Videos

We design revision videos for clients who help learners ace exams. We create them chapter-wise or term-wise. So, clients use them to refresh the knowledge of their learners before the exam. These videos are compact, to the point, and are available in multiple languages. We deliver in several formats.


These are short and crisp videos that are part of a series. It teaches a single concept, describes experiments, or explains other practical concepts. Clients use these videos because they are interactive and deliver all the essential information in a short time. Clients often use them as refreshers.

Animated Videos

Our animated videos help clients deliver complicated concepts quickly. Clients prefer them because it decreases the effort required to explain such challenging topics. The videos are colorful with various graphical elements and charts. They boost learner engagement and ROI of clients worldwide.

Assessment Videos

Achieve Point develops assessment videos that contain interactive Q & As, quizzes, MCQs, flashcards, and the like. Sometimes they also include discussions of previous years’ question papers. So, clients use these videos to better prepare their learners for upcoming exams and entrances.

Our Clients


We create numerous video solutions for eLearning clients in the USA and worldwide. They use our videos because we deliver top-quality solutions in multiple formats. All our videos are compatible across all devices and platforms.


We help schools, colleges, and universities contact live lectures for their learners in remote locations. They use our services because it includes additional features, like screencasting, recording, downloading, and live discussion forums.

Service Providers

Achieve Point delivers video solutions for companies that provide academic solutions to their customers. Our videos are a popular choice because we create them in publish-ready formats for multiple concepts, courses, and languages.

How It Works

Achieve Point strives to deliver interactive video solutions on time to all its clients. So, we follow a tested workflow that ensures collaborative effort and high-quality results.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint specifying the areas of development. Then, we create a script for the specific video type, and our team develops the video based on it. Finally, our quality analysts review the video for accuracy and accessibility.

Hence, we understand, design, script, develop and review before delivery.

High-Quality Service with Affordable Price

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